Best and cool app to gain your gaming exprince

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Freedom APK User Guide

Snappy to learn. No genuine hacking learning required for Freedom APK; redesign your virtual gadget to enhance preparing speed.

Redesign your utility apps to better your barriers and assault with more achievement; hack into players’ virtual financial balances and exchange their assets to your record with Freedom APK.

Transfer infections on other players’ gadgets to gain you cash and keep an eye on their movement.

Conceal your action from your in-diversion logs or control others; add your companions to your in-amusement Contacts and exchange assets to them with Freedom APK.

Critical Security Patch; altered bug with the Bank Transfer Screen where vast sums could bring about the app to crash. Look at Geometry Dash APK and COC APK sway with Freedom APK.

Included max forms point of confinement of 500. Note that Network and Cracking procedures are no more required after they wrap up. (Testing this. May be balanced later on).

Included max dynamic spam point of confinement of 600. (Testing this. May be balanced later on); minor changes and advancements.


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Top 3 iphone Apps for Summer

In this article we take a look at our Top 3 Apps on the App store

1 – Minecraft PE – Do anything!

Top 3 iphone Apps for Summer - fierypromocodes

Minecraft is one of the most innovative games in history has brought itself to the App store. If you have never had the pleasure of playing Minecraft for yourself here’s how it works, you start off in what looks like a block like terrain and you goal is what ever you want it to be. If you’d like to build a giant castle then you gather the resources to build a giant castle, if you want to build an underwater dream house then you build an underwater dream house. Unlike most games Minecraft does not come with instructions it simply gives the user what it needs to accomplish whatever he or she wants.

2-Clash of Clans- Fight to Improve Your Base!


You have most likely heard of this app, considering its stayed in the Top Free section in the app store for almost 2 years now! This app is great for socializing with friends and meeting people from across the world! You start off with just a simple town hall then you slowly begin to add on to it and protect your village form real people trying to steal your resources! Then once you are able to buy the Clan castle you get to join a clan which allows you to socialize with friends and help your clan battle in Clan wars.

3 -Blitz Brigade – Epic Multiplayer Battle!

Blitz Brigade

One of the most exciting free apps on the market is Blitz Brigade. You can invite friends to do battles with you, upgrade and buy weapons, capture and shoot opponents, and fight to the death during death match. While playing you can choose what map you want, what game type you want to use, what type of solider you want to be and which team you want to be on.  This app is great for if you want to play with friends long distance too! They have a built in voice chat so you can`hear a live audio of your friends voice!

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for more here is the video of Top 10 Best Apps for iPhone